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Trusted Consultants with Over 75 Years of Experience


Joy Kibbee has over 27 years of experience as a professional training specialist, event investigator, cause analyst, fact-finder leader, assurance coordinator, and mentor.

Scott Lyman has developed an in-depth familiarity with DOD, DOE, DOT, EPA, OSHA, and MSHA regulations and extensive experience with emergency procedures.

Dusty Hawker has been trained and is experienced in management and organizational leadership.

Government Certified.

HKL Diversified is a women-led small business that has developed a network of partnerships that grants a unique opportunity to provide expertise in all areas of ESH, DOT, Emergency Management, MSHA, some FDA, Human Performance Training, and Facility Management and Operations.


HKL Diversified LLC provides turn-key expertise in ESH Consultation, Emergency Management, Facility, Fleet, Transit Operations, and Maintenance Management. Combined, the primary partners have over 75 years of experience in commercial and government expertise.

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