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What can HKL Consultants Offer You?

HKL Diversified LLC provides turn-key expertise in ESH Consultation, Emergency Management, Facility, Fleet, Transit Operations, and Maintenance Management. Combined, the primary partners have over 75 years of experience in commercial and government expertise.

HKL Diversified is a women-owned small business that has developed a network of partnerships that grants a unique opportunity to provide expertise in all areas of ESH, DOT, Emergency Management, MSHA, some FDA, Human Performance Training, and Facility Management and Operations.


  • OSHA, MSHA, and EPA Site Inspections 
  • ESH Plan Development
  • ESH Training in all areas of safety and operator certification
  • ESH Record Keeping, including 300 Log and Injury Management and DOT record keeping


  • Emergency Planning, Mitigation, and Incident Response Drills
  • Accident Investigations and recovery planning and Incident Management
  • Driver Safety Training
  • Human Performance Training and Incident Review and Mitigation Planning


  • Phase 1 & 2 Environmental Reviews
  • Property EHS Reviews
  • Insurance Experience Modification Rate (EMR) Reduction Strategies
  • Facility Management & Fleet/Transit Operations and Maintenance 
  • ESH and Operational Reviews and Cost Reduction Strategies 

ES&H Consultation and Training

HKL Consultants comprises a partnership of experts in the ESH, Security, and Facility Management fields. Our business is set up to serve your needs by aligning the appropriate expert to meet your needs best. Let us sit down with you and look over your Environmental, Safety, Health (ES&H) & Facility Management needs.

Record Keeping, Plans, Training, and Event Investigations

Do you have questions about record keeping, work site, or training requirements? Do you have an upcoming project that needs ES&H oversite, training, or operational excellence push? We can collaborate with you to maximize productivity and profit by minimizing your ESH and active exposure to risk. Contact us today to discuss how we can align our experts with your project needs.

Excellence in Management and Operations

At HKL Consultants, your staff is the key to your success. We have proven that having a safe work environment will ensure increased profitability. There will come a time when you need additional help with planning, executing, and marketing programs that minimize operational chaos in today's high-tempo environment. We can be your long-term partners to ensure your ES&H/FM programs pay the highest ROI.

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