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Human Performance Consulting & Training Expertise

Joy's Statement of Qualification

Joy Kibbee - CEO

Kibbee Performance Consulting, LLC provides innovative approaches to integrating human performance fundamentals and behavior/people-based safety principles into company policies and procedures to ensure increased performance during day-to-day work activities.

As the Owner/Principal, Mrs. Kibbee is dedicated to practical and natural solutions to increased performance in safety, quality, and production for her clients with the intent to minimize costs and maximize efficiency and productivity as well as a better work environment and culture for its employees.

Mrs. Kibbee has over 27 years of experience as a professional training specialist, event investigator, cause analyst, fact-finder leader, assurance coordinator, and mentor. 

Joy's Experience

During her 27 years at the Idaho National Laboratory, Mrs. Kibbee spent 18 years as a training specialist, including Human Performance Fundamentals and Behavior/People-Based Safety. She also was responsible for performing assurance functions for multiple directors, including risk analysis, strategic assurance planning, assessments, cause analysis, occurrence reporting, Price-Anderson analysis and reporting, issues management, and performance analysis. Mrs. Kibbee was frequently requested by senior management in all areas to perform fact-finding and cause analysis on significant operational events and close calls, often in strict time frames. The cause analysis helped the organization to make changes that worked to prevent the repeat of actions and created a just reporting culture between Management and employees. Mrs. Kibbee also spent ten years mentoring personnel in event investigations, assessments, fact-finding, and facility management.

She presented topics covering Human Performance Improvement and Behavior Based Safety at conferences representing her employers.

As an adjunct instructor at the University of Idaho, Mrs. Kibbee taught students Human Performance Fundamentals and Behavior Based Safety for four years.  

Joy's Education and Certifications

Mrs. Kibbee earned a Master's and Bachelor of Science degrees in Industrial Education and a Certificate in Human Performance Education from the University of Idaho. She earned a Facilities Management Administrator certification from BOMI International.

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