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Client Testimonials

David B. Lively
Idaho Falls, Idaho 83401
November 11, 2022

To Whom it may concern;

This letter is in reference to work preformed by Joy Kibbee at the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) in the role of training and investigation. Joy worked within my organization as a Facility Specialist (current designation within INL is Building Manager). Prior to this role, she was a certified trainer in Human Performance and Behavior Based Safety and later was qualified as a Lead Assessor and Event Investigator.

My interaction with Joy began when she was instructing on Human Performance and Behavior Based Safety. I can attest that she was very knowledgeable on the subject and presented the course work in a very professional manner. Lectures were clear and articulate with meaningful class participation and an appropriate use of visual training aids. Everyone left with a greater understanding of the subject.

Because of her knowledge of the subject, she was a natural to move into the assessment and investigation roles. She participated in and lead many assessments for the Facilities and Site Services Directorate which encompasses the Operation and Maintenance of the INL non-nuclear infrastructure. She assessed various organizations performance against established standards to ensure directorate expectations of performance were being met. As a result of her participation in these assessments, INL wide improvements were made in the areas of Conduct of Operations and Maintenance.

This path lead her into Event Investigations. With her human performance background she was able to approach the investigation with a questioning attitude to better understand the issues that led up to a specific event and then determine root causes for proper corrective actions. Due to her focus to details she was routinely requested to help with investigations within and across Directorates.

In summary, Joy would be a tremendous asset to any organization looking for training, assessment, and investigation skills.

David B. Lively

Steven Lindberg
Idaho Falls, Idaho
November 6, 2022

Dear Sir/Madam:

I would like to offer this litter in support of Joy Kibbee. I am a retired Facility Director for three different National Laboratories. These labs were operated by major contractors for the Department of Energy. I worked in these different labs over a 47-year time period.

During my time at the Idaho National Laboratory, I was fortunate to have a colleague in Joy. She consistently performed at a very high level in all her work assignments. While working with Joy she demonstrated exceptional talents in teaching "Event Investigations Training." She had an incredible ability to engage her students during her teaching and mentoring the students. Joy continually earned positive comments from her students. She was well prepared and encouraged participation of the course curriculum and related discussions.

In my role I also was trained by Joy and sometimes participated in event investigations, particularly high-profile events. I had found the methods that was taught to me by Joy helped in further understanding events and carefully approach definitive root and contributing causes.

I have found Joy to be responsible, calm and always professional in her duties. Joy would be an asset to your organization.

Steven Lindberg
National Laboratory Facility Director—Retired

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